Meet (some of)

The Team

Alixe Aliyev
VP, Creative Services
Has the nicest office.
Clara Moon
Creative Director
Has a stylus permanently connected to her hand.
Howie Kaplan
EVP, Strategy
Misses the "The" in The Facebook.
Ian Leaman
Board Director
A person of extraordinary ability.
Jill Takemiya
3D Supervisor
Wombat fanatic.
Jin Young Jeong
Art Director
The Sparkle Master ✨
Kimberly Leass
EVP, Accounts
Obsessed with all things Harry Potter.
Sarah MacDonald
Project Manager
Social justice advocate and film enthusiast.
Steve Isaacs
EVP, Creative
Former jungle cruise skipper at Disneyland.
Suki Bains
CEO & Co-Founder
Never not smiling.
Zhong "Zack" Du
Creative Director, Finishing
Loves his Mazda.
Zoe Bryois
Best accent in the agency.